1: However, the HEXA enzyme has proven to be too large to pass through the blood into the brain through the .
b. Meningitis
c. Blood-brain barrier
d. Immune system

2: Jewish communities, both inside and outside of , embraced the cause of genetic screening from the 1970s on.
a. United States
b. Israel
c. Armenia
d. Greece

3: It is caused by a genetic defect in a single with one defective copy of that gene inherited from each parent.
a. Gene
b. Evolution
c. Genetics
d. DNA

4: Proactive testing has been quite effective in eliminating Tay-Sachs occurrence among Ashkenazi Jews, both in and in the diaspora.
a. United States
b. Israel
c. Armenia
d. Greece

5: TSD is an genetic disorder, meaning that when both parents are carriers, there is a 25% risk of giving birth to an affected child.
a. Allele
b. Genetics
c. Chromosome
d. Dominance (genetics)

6: Symptoms of LOTS, which present in adolescence or early adulthood, include speech and swallowing difficulties, unsteadiness of gait, spasticity, cognitive decline, and psychiatric illness, particularly schizophrenic-like .
a. Psychiatry
b. Major depressive disorder
c. Eating disorders
d. Psychosis

7: As with all biomedical tests, both approaches produce some false positive and results.
a. Statistical hypothesis testing
b. Bayesian inference
c. Null hypothesis
d. Type I and type II errors

8: Hexosaminidase A is a vital hydrolytic enzyme, found in the lysosomes, that breaks down .
a. Metabolism
b. Carbohydrate
c. Lipid
d. Steroid


1:Blood-brain barrier; 2:United States; 3:Gene; 4. United States; 5: Allele; 6: Major depressive disorder; 7: Statistical hypothesis testing; 8: Lipid

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